Lexile and Quantile Career Database Quick Start Guide

Identify a career’s entry-level reading and math demands in trusted Lexile and Quantile metrics to inform goal setting and career preparedness.

Field and Career Search Option

Enter Field and Career Search Criteria
Search for career information with the Field and Career Search:
  1. Select a field from the Field list.
  2. Type or select a specific career from the Career list.
  3. Click Search to view results.
Understand Bright Outlook Occupations

Most careers featured within the tool have been identified as Bright Outlook Occupations by O*NET, the premier online career search database designed for the U.S. Department of Labor. Bright Outlook Occupations are careers that are expected to grow and/or emerge in the next few years and offer large numbers of new job openings.

Compare National and Regional Data
The comparison section provides career details like salary and projected growth. To view regional (MSA) information:
  • Click the State box, select a state, and click Search to view state data.
You can also use the interactive map to view regional data.
  • To zoom in or out of an area, use the + and - buttons at the top right of the map.
  • To navigate, click and drag the map to your desired location.