Lexile & Quantile Educator Academy Forum Guidelines

The Lexile & Quantile Educator Academy forum is a place where you can collaborate with other educators who are taking the Quantile Certification Course or the Lexile Certification Course. Our goal is to bring educators together so they can work with a community of professionals that can provide feedback, inspiration or guidance on educational practices in the context of the course materials.

Each course in the Lexile & Quantile Educator Academy includes prompts designed to guide you and your peers in sharing ideas related to the information taught in the course. In the forum you will find topics related to these prompts. We want the forum to remain an open and collaborative place full of relevant and useful conversations. To support this, we’ve developed a few forum guidelines we ask all members to respect.

Because the guidelines are simple and necessary we have a zero tolerance policy for not following them. The first violation of one of these guidelines will result in the educator and their coursework being permanently removed from the course. We will not issue refunds to educators if they have to be removed from the course.

If you find content that goes against these guidelines, or is otherwise inappropriate, please report it to support@lexile.com.

Keep Data Private

It’s important not to share any student data or personally identifiable information (PII) when posting on the forum. PII is any piece of information that can be used to identify an individual. This includes things like names and birthdays. It is fine to share general information like Quantile measures. For example, don’t say “Sam has a Quantile measure of 650Q...” instead say “A student has a Quantile measure of 650Q...”

Share with Respect

Everyone in the forum should feel comfortable and safe. To keep the community respectful, please refrain from using foul or threatening language. Treat other forum members with the same respect you want students to show to each other.

Stay on Point

Forum discussions should be relevant, helpful and positive. Keep the conversation focused on the ideas being discussed. When providing feedback, make sure that it is specific and positive.

Avoid Self Promotion

We want to provide educators with tools and information they need. We encourage sharing strategies and tools that have helped in your real-world experiences. But this is not a forum for pitching products. Selling is not allowed.