Lexile WordLists Quick Start Guide

Easily download lists of important words by grade and domain, including math, science, social studies and general, that students are likely to encounter in textbooks and other learning materials.

WordList Criteria

Make Selections
  • Select the desired grade from the Select Grade(s) list. Note: This is required information.
  • Select the desired domain(s) from the Select Domain(s) list.
    Note: Domain-specific lists are only available for Basic+ and Premium members.
  • Select the desired content from the Select Content(s) list.
    Note: Words and Frequency are only available for Premium members.
  • Select the desired file format from the Select File Format(s) list.
    Note: This is required information.
  • Click Download to select whether to save or print your PDF and/or Spreadsheet file(s).
Receive Download

You will receive your results as a spreadsheet and/or PDF, depending on the file format(s) selected. If both are selected, the files will download in a Compressed or “Zip” Folder. Your computer’s settings will impact how files are downloaded.

Understanding Resulting Words

The words displayed have been designated as the most relevant academic words for the selected grade(s) and/or domain(s).
Note: Lexile WordList is based on textbooks prior to Next Generation Science Standards.
Understand Classroom Uses
Some common uses of WordLists results include:
  • Identify grade-appropriate words to target classroom vocabulary instruction and assessment.
  • Identify words to include in teacher-made instructional materials for domain-specific content.

Select important academic words by grade and domain to highlight in assigned reading passages, books or other instructional materials.

Understand Word Frequencies

The frequency associated with a written word reflects how often it occurs in a body of text. WordLists frequencies measure the number of occurrences of a word in relation to the texts that make up the Lexile Landscape Corpus:
  • In the example results, 3rd Grade Math words and their frequencies are returned.
  • The word axis occurs within the Lexile Landscape Corpus 144 times in the 3rd Grade Math texts.