Quantile Measures Manager Quick Start Guide

Identify a student’s optimal Quantile measure when multiple assessments that produce Quantile measures have produced significant and unexpected differences.

Student Information

Enter Student Information

Sometimes multiple assessments that report Quantile measures, and are taken within 30 days of each other, show unexpected different measures. When this happens, the Measures Manager tool helps educators determine a student's optimal measure.

  1. Select the student's State and Grade from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Next.
Test Information

Enter Test Information
  1. Select the first test name from the drop-down list, enter the student's Quantile measure and the date the test was taken (type the date or click on the drop-down arrow for a calendar).
    Note: For the tool to work, the second test date must be within 30 days from the first test date.
  2. Repeat for the second test.
  3. Click Analyze.
View Results

At the top of the page is the student's Best Estimate Quantile Measure highlighted and the Estimated Quantile Math Range.

Leverage Results
The Best Estimate Quantile Measure can be used with multiple Quantile tools found in the Lexile & Quantile Hub:
  • Access free math resources tailored to your child’s Quantile measure with Quantile Math@Home.
  • Identify the reading demands needed for a desired career and use it to inform goal setting with Quantile Career Database.