Quantile Teacher Assistant Quick Start Guide

Differentiate student instruction based on an individual’s or classroom’s Quantile measure. This tool organizes each state’s standards into Knowledge Clusters and aligns them to the Quantile Framework.

Enter Search Criteria

Enter Standard Information
  1. To select a standard, click the dropdown lists under the headings State or Common Core, Grade or Course, and Goal to make your selections.
  2. Click the Search button.
Adjust for Your Class

Adjust the Quantile Range

Adjust the Select the Quantile Range of Your Class slider to reflect the class’ readiness for instruction range. The standard’s Prerequisite, Focus, Supporting, and Impending QSCs are visible below the slider.

Moving the slider will adjust the Quantile range for the class (or a small group), the QSC’s background changes color to indicate whether or not a skill or concept is within the group's readiness for instruction range.

Interpreting your Results
The background color of each QSC indicates whether that QSC is:
  • Below the Quantile Range (yellow)
  • Within the Quantile Range (green)
  • Above the Quantile Range (blue)
Understand QSCs

View QSC Details
To view QSC details, click inside a QSC description. A new QSC detail page will open. The focus QSC description and ID number will appear at the top of the page, followed by three detail sections:
  1. Expand Knowledge Cluster to reveal Prerequisite, Supporting, and Impending QSCs.
  2. Expand Resources to view supporting Quantile resources.
  3. Select a new state from State Standards dropdown menu to search for a particular state's associated standards if needed.
Quantile Resources

Save Resource

Click the + to save a resource for easy access in the future in your Quantile Resources.

Note: Feature only for Basic+ and Premium members.