Use Find a Book to Create Labels for Your Library

Before you begin

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About this task

Providing a mix of fiction and nonfiction books that are arranged in clearly labeled and easy-to-navigate categories creates an inviting space where students can quickly and easily find the right books for them. Bins and labels can be used to help with this kind of school and classroom library organization. When using labels and bins:
  • Place the label inside the front or back cover of a book, not externally. The American Association of School Librarians also advises against placing labels externally on books.
  • Try not to organize books solely by reading level. This can inhibit a student from discovering books on subjects that might interest them because they may limit their exploration of books to only those on “their” shelf. Consider organizing by other factors, like interest, to foster and encourage a love of reading.
  • Consider the interests of the students. Giving students the option to evaluate the reading level after having selected a books by interests, allows them to determine the strategies they need to employ in order to be successful in reading and comprehending their selections.

You can use your Find a Book bookshelf to create labels for bins and books in your library. When you use your bookshelf to create labels, you'll be able to download a PDF that contains labels that are sized for printing on Avery labels. Basic+ members can print large labels for their book bins. Premium members can print small or medium labels for books and large labels for their book bins.

The label download also includes a file with a list of the books that correspond to your labels. This allows you to quickly and easily match your labels to the books and bins in your library. Information in the labels PDF and the books PDF are listed in the same order so you can easily keep track of which labels go with which books.

To create labels:


  1. Open your Find a Book bookshelf.
  2. Select the titles you want labels for.
  3. Click Create Book Labels.
  4. Select a Label Size.
    Label sizes are designed to work with Avery labels. Large labels can be used for bins and small and medium labels are used for books. Basic+ users can upgrade to a Premium account to create small or medium labels.
  5. If you're printing a medium label, select what information you want to show up on the label.
    A medium label can include a book's category, category image, and series information in addition to a Lexile. The Label Sample shows an example what a label looks like as you add or remove information.
  6. Click Download.
  7. Open the labels PDF file and use your printer to print the labels.

    Click here for tips on printing Avery labels.

  8. Open the books PDF file and use the list to match the labels to the books and bins in your library.