Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Lexile and Quantile Hub.


Am I in a Partner State?

Click here for a list of partner states.

How many text per month can I measure using the Lexile Analyzer?

50 Lexile measure ranges per month.

How can I access the Lexile Analyzer on the Hub?

The Lexile Text Analyzer can be accessed here.

Where can I get a Learner’s Lexile Measure?

Click here.

Where can I get a Learner’s Quantile Measure?

Click here.

How do I Lexile my library?

We partner with the nation’s leading library automation services providers. All of our partners “have Lexile measures,” and can integrate the measures into your school library catalog. Talk to your library automation representative about getting Lexile measures in your catalog and search.

Click here for a complete list of our partners.

Where is Find Your Lesson?

Quantile Find Your Lesson was removed on August 1, 2022. For help with lesson planning, use Math Skills Database for resources appropriately matched to students by Quantile measure and math content.