MetaMetrics® was founded more than 30 years ago as an educational research organization. Years of research formed the basis for the development of the Lexile and Quantile Frameworks, El Sistema Leer, and the numerous tools MetaMetrics provides for educators to use to make assessment results actionable and improve instruction. Our research continues today as we develop new frameworks and tools for educators.

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Our research database contains various research documents ranging in topics from Lexiles, early reading, and college and career readiness to Quantiles, Spanish, ESL, EFL, text continuum’s, and summer learning. Peer-reviewed publications as well as documents produced by MetaMetametrics are provided.

Our Commitment to Supporting Research. MetaMetrics is committed to helping researchers who want to use our tools or data to further research intended for non-commercial use. If you have explored the Hub offerings through all membership options and need access to data or tools not available through the Hub, click here and fill out the customer support form. In order to qualify for access to data beyond the Hub offerings, you must be a university-affiliated researcher conducting research for non-commercial use.