Lexile WordLists provides downloadable lists of important words by grade and domain, including math, science, social studies and general, that students are likely to encounter in textbooks and other.

Lexile WordLists Quick Start Guide


What does the Lexile WordLists tool do?

The Lexile WordLists tool allows the user to select academically useful word lists by grade from a collection of 40 million words based on K-12 content. General and domain-specific word lists available. Lists can be downloaded and printed.

What does the word 'frequency' mean?

The frequency associated with a written word reflects how often it occurs in a body of text. WordLists' frequency measures the occurrence of a word in relation to the texts that make up the Landscape of American Schools English Corpus.

What are the Lexile WordLists instructions for use?

Select a grade: Select the desired grade from the Select Grade(s) list. The grade options are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th. This is required information.

Select domain(s): Select the desired domain(s) from the Select Domain(s) list. General word lists are available for Basic users. *Basic+ and Premium users can select from Social Studies, Math, and Science.

Select content: Select the desired content from the Select Content(s) list. Words are available to Basic and Basic+ users. *Premium users can choose to select words or words and frequency content.

Select a file format: Select the desired file format from the Select File Format(s) list. This is required information. You may choose from PDF and/or Spreadsheet. This is required information. If PDF and Spreadsheet are selected, the files will download in a Zip File.

Download results: Click the Download button to select whether to save or print your PDF and/or Spreadsheet file(s).